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What am I supposed to do? -- January 2018

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What am I supposed to do? -- January 2018 Empty What am I supposed to do? -- January 2018

Post  Ruby Weasley Tue Nov 14, 2017 1:25 pm

I knew Hagrid would be at the Reservation. I could not stay with Aunt Dora and Uncle Bill with Quinn and them. They had wanted me to, but I wanted to be by myself mainly. I was basically staying on the Reservation with Hagrid, dreading when I had to return to Hogwarts. I pulled my cloak tighter around myself and then walked into the observation building where visitors could view (if they wanted to be visible) the newly hatched dragons. Hagrid loved watching them.

"Hey Hagrid," I said, brushing snow off of my shoulders. I let him put one of his giant hands on my shoulders and I leaned into him. One of the dragon hatchlings was trying to fly while another was curling up next to the fire that was going to help keep them warm. "Can I just not go back and face the school?" I really did not want to deal with everyone sending me their prayers and thoughts of comfort and all of it. I did not need to be pitied. Yes, I knew that this sucked. But I did not need to be reminded of it.
Ruby Weasley
Ruby Weasley

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What am I supposed to do? -- January 2018 Empty Re: What am I supposed to do? -- January 2018

Post  Rubeus Hagrid Sat Nov 18, 2017 1:00 pm

"Hullo kiddo," I said, knowing why she was there. She always just wanted to get away from the rest of her lot. I knew it was hard to lose yer parents, but she also couldn' keep runnin' off by herself. "Yeh know the answer ter that," I replied. "Yeh'll be alrigh' there. It jus' takes some time is all."
Rubeus Hagrid
Rubeus Hagrid

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