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Don't Believe Everything You Think -- September 2014

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Don't Believe Everything You Think -- September 2014 Empty Don't Believe Everything You Think -- September 2014

Post  Lyla Potter Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:05 am

I could not believe that I was chosen to be the Quidditch Captain of the House team.  I was only in my fourth year... but I did take after the Potter family name, that was for sure.  Our entire team would probably stay Weasleys... but what about the replacements for Ben and Xander?  I grinned at the thought of Xander.  In fact, i could not stop grinning since Professor Granger told me that I would become Captain.  I just had no idea how I would lead compared to Xander -- he had been great, really great.  I was so lost in thought that I ran right into one of my fellow housemates in the corridor, knocking the few Quidditch books in my hands to the ground.  "Oh, I'm so sorry," I said, bending down and scooping them up quickly.  I looked at who I actually ran into and saw that it was Noah -- he was the year ahead of me.  I had to deal with Ian complaining about him being rather brilliant in quite a lot and being rather annoying to one of my boyfriends. 

"Noah, really, I'm sorry.  My mind was totally elsewhere," I assured him, smiling at him.  I always thought he was adorable.
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