It's like the fog has lifted. --September 21

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It's like the fog has lifted. --September 21

Post  Elena S. T. Black Weasley on Fri Mar 02, 2018 1:24 pm

So I had figured that with practice, I would be able to focus. Guess again Lenni. I shook my head as I got the rest of my gear on to hear Angelina talking about strategy for the games. Then my attention went else where as it clearly needed to be on the first game of the season which was in three days time. If Angelina could read my mind I would be dead. I was looking around and my attention went to George Weasley. My god was he good looking. I just wanted him to pull me into a hug and never let me go. Smiling at my own thoughts, I may have been peering around to long. Oh god this practice is going to be awkward. STOP STARING AT HIM ELENA. WAKE UP! I made eye contact with him and I immediately felt pink.
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