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It Cannot Be -- Fall 1999

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It Cannot Be -- Fall 1999 Empty It Cannot Be -- Fall 1999

Post  Walburga Black Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:48 am

I knew he was alive; I just could not locate where my youngest was. But that was when I had gotten word to meet with him. I could not believe it. I was hoping it was not a hoax. He wanted to meet in a park. I disliked the location, especially since it was not an all wizarding community. I had adapted to Muggle-like clothing... even though I despised it. I always wore a longer dress over slacks, but that was not something that was common these days. I pulled the peacoat a little tighter around my neck to protect against the wind.

That was when I saw him walking towards me. Though grown into a beautiful man, I saw my sixteen year old son who was taken away from me. A mother could always recognize her children. "Regulus?" I said when he got close enough to me.
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