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Spells/Curses Descriptions

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Spells/Curses Descriptions Empty Spells/Curses Descriptions

Post  Remus Lupin Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:00 am

Accio -- summoning charm
Aguamenti -- conjures fountain of water from wand
Alohamora -- unlocks doors
Anapneo -- spell that clears airway if blocked
Anti-Cheating spells -- prevents students from cheating, cast on quills before exams
Anti-Apparating/Disapparating spell -- prevents one from apparating
Anti-Gravity Mist -- if one steps within the mist, they get flipped upside down
Antler jinx -- makes victim grow antlers
Avada Kadavra -- Killing curse, unforgivable
Avis -- conjures a flock of birds
Babbling Curse -- causes victim to babble
Backfiring Jinx -- specific effects unknown, can be nasty
Bedazzling Hex -- causes target object to bedazzle any observer
Bat-Bogey Hex -- makes opponent's bogies bat-sized, have wings, and attacks person
Bluebell flames -- creates a blue flame which can be directed to specific place
Braking Charm -- allows broomsticks to stop effectively
Bubble Head Charm -- encloses head in a bubble of air to breathe underwater for extended periods of time
Canary transfiguration hex -- temporary hex to change someone into giant canary
Candle magic -- no incantation used.  Ignites candles and makes them float in midair
Caterwauling Charm -- when unauthorized person enters target area while the effect is running, noise will be set off
Cave Inimicum -- defensive spell to keep enemies away
Cheering Charm -- cheers a person up
Colloportus -- Seals a door
Colour Change -- Charm to change the color of an object
Confringo -- blasting curse
Confundo -- Confundus charm, causes confusion
Conjunctivits Curse -- inflammation of the eye
Crucio -- inducing intolerable pain, can cause victim to be driven insane, unforgivable
Cushioning Charm -- creates invisible "pillow" on handle of a broom to make flying more comfortable
Deletrius -- erases ghost images of spells revealed by Priori Incantato
Defodio -- digs through or hollows out the target
Densaugeo -- causes teeth to grow uncontrollably
Deprimo -- blasts hole through object
Depulso -- banishing charm, sends object away from caster
Descendo -- causes something to descend or lower itself
Diffindo -- severing charm, cuts something open
Disillusionment Charm -- hides the true magical nature of something
Dissendium -- opens secret door in the statue of the hump-backed witch
Drought Charm -- dries up water
Duro -- turns target object to stone
Engorgio -- causes target to swell in size
Ennervate/Reenervate -- wakes person up
Entrail-Expelling Curse -- makes the insides of a person come outside of them
Entrancing Enchantments -- cause target person to fall in love with the caster
Episkey -- Heals/repairs damage that has been inflicted on the target
Erecto -- Straightens out target object and sets it up
Evanesco -- vanishing spell
Expecto Patronum -- patronus charm
Expelliarmus -- disarming charm
Expulso -- blows up the target
Extinguishing Spell -- puts out fires
Feather-Light -- makes object weigh practically nothing
Ferula -- conjures wooden rod
Fidelius Charm -- protection charm, needs a Secret-Keeper, extremely complex
Fiendfyre -- creates cursed fire
Finger-removing Jinx -- removes person's fingers
Finite Incantatem -- stops spell effects
Flagrate -- causes object to burn anyone who touches it
Furnunculus -- causes boils to break out all over victim
Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin

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Spells/Curses Descriptions Empty Re: Spells/Curses Descriptions

Post  Remus Lupin Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:07 am

Geminio -- duplicates object
Glisseo -- converts object into smooth slide
Homenum revelio -- reveals human presence in area
Homorphus Charm -- good charm against a werewolf; effects possibly forces werewolf to change back into human shape
Hover charm -- makes object float in air
Hurling Hex -- placed on a broom; makes broom attempt to hurl its riding off
Impedimenta -- stops object or slows it down
Imperio -- Imperius curse, cause victim to be under command of caster, unforgivable
Impervius -- Makes something waterproof/water repellent
Inanimatus Conjurus -- conjures inanimate objects
Incarcerous -- binding/fastening magic.  ropes/chains restraint
Incendio -- creates fire
Jelly-Brain Jinx -- affects mental processes
Jelly- Fingers Jinx -- makes fingers like jelly
Jelly-Legs Jinx -- causes legs to wobble uncontrollably
Langlock -- jinx that glues the tongue to roof of mouth
Legilimens -- reads minds
Levicorpus -- dangles person upside-down by ankle
Liberacorpus -- counter-jinx to levicorpus
Locomotor Mortis -- Leg-locker curse
Lumos -- creates handful of shimmering light
Meteolojinx Recanto -- halts spell that is causing rain
Mobiliarbus -- moves a tree
Mobilicorpus -- moves a body
Morsemordre -- casts the dark mark
Muffliato -- fills ears of person with an unidentifiable buzzing
Nox -- turns off light from Lumos
Obliviate -- Memory modifying charm
Obscuro -- blocks someone's vision
Oppugno -- causes conjured creatures under control o fcaster to attack
Orchideous -- conjures bouquet
Point Me -- four-point spell
Portus -- turns object into Portkey
Petrificus Totalus -- body-binding curse
Priori Incantato -- reverse spell effect
Protego -- shield charm
Quietus -- reverses Sonorus
Reducio -- causes Engorged object to return to normal size
Reducto -- blasts solid objects out of path
Relashio -- releases jet of fiery sparks
Reparo -- undoes damage to object
Repello muggletum -- muggle-repelling charm
Rictesempra -- tickling charm
Riddikulus -- Boggart banishing spell
Salvio hexia -- augments other spells being cast
Scourgify -- cleans things
Sectumesmpra -- cuts the target
Serpensortia -- causes large serpent to burst from wand
Silencio -- magically silences the target of the spell
Sonorus -- makes voice carry over long distances
Specialis Revelio -- identify ingredients of potion or enchantments
Stupefy -- renders target unconscious
Taboo -- when put on a word, anyone who says that word becomes trackable
Tarantallegra -- forces legs to dance crazily
Tergeo -- cleans up target object or person
Trip Jinx -- trips target
-- shoots wad of bum out of keyhole
Wingardium Leviosa -- Levitation charm

Remus Lupin
Remus Lupin

Posts : 1803
Join date : 2010-12-24

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