you'll always be my little girl--- TBD

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you'll always be my little girl--- TBD

Post  Sirius Black on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:38 pm

So William asked me for my little girl's hand. It almost broke my heart but they were happy together, I had no right...even though she is my little girl..... " You have my permission..." I said to him as he looked relieved. I grinned, " Y'know I was just as nervous when I went to go see Ember..." I told him as he then got more comfortable like he normally would. He had told me when he had been intending, behind the house at the lake or taking her out to a bon jovi show. I laughed, when those words replayed Em is not going to like she missed this.

I will just fill her in when she gets home. I went to make some coffee as I was suddenly feeling nostalgic. I went upstairs to our bedroom and pulled out baby books. I looked as it had went from baby to now. Just really shows you how old I really am....I mean they are. I sat down on the bed taking a sip of the hot coffee, then started flipping through the book. Then I heard the door.
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